Africa is a continent full of opportunity. It is also one the world’s last relatively unexploited markets. We understand that, although Africa as an emerging market has often been overlooked as a stable investment opportunity, this is changing at a rapid pace.

Pule Incorporated has been involved in infrastructure development activities in a number of African countries. The economic co-operation between various African jurisdictions is paving the way for more unified markets, strong business growth and development.

Through our involvement in various legal assignments in Angola, Swaziland, Botswana, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe, we have a thorough understanding of the challenges and pitfalls that a prospective developer may face doing business in Africa, but we can also assure clients of the benefits and rewards such expansion can yield.

South Africa is the most advanced and productive economy on the continent and widely regarded as the gateway to the rest of Africa. We can assist local and international clients that want to expand their operations in South Africa and beyond.