The firm’s employment and labour law professionals act as consultants for a number of corporate clients. We provide practical strategic advice in all areas of employment and labour law.

In labour disputes, we chair disciplinary enquiries and appear on behalf of clients at both the CCMA and in Labour Court proceedings. We can assist with alternative forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation.

We can also assist with contract drafting and review of service level agreements, independent contractor agreements and employment contracts.

In addition, we act for executives in connection with contractual arrangements, work place disputes and severances. 

Our services include:

  • Disciplinary and grievance enquiries

  • Drafting and review of policies and procedures, employment and other contracts
  • Restructuring and retrenchments
  • Initiating and chairing of internal disciplinary enquiries
  • Acting as prosecutor in pre-dismissal arbitrations
  • Appearing on behalf of clients at the CCMA and Labour Court
  • Providing advice on section 197 transfers in mergers and acquisitions