A growing technology and communications sector is fundamental to ensuring social and economic development. Constantly evolving technology, however, requires vigilant scrutiny of new security concerns and regulatory developments. That’s when companies need a law firm that has an in-depth understanding of the sector and the legal expertise to address potential commercial threats and ensure regulatory compliance.

Pule Incorporated is well-equipped to assist technology and communications companies, as well as corporates, the public sector and regulatory authorities to deal with issues as they arise.

The firm acts on behalf of various information technology support companies and attends to the drafting of service level agreements, as well as contracts for all major ICT areas, including escrow, technology design, data storage, verification, website consulting, technology support, business continuity, broadcasting, signal distribution, copyright and related aspects of ICT law. We have also assisted clients regarding internet security concerns. 


  • Our firm has investigated the telecommunication legislation in respect of the corporatization of Autonet, and Transnet has shown interest in broadening our mandate to investigate and advise on telecommunication legislation in respect of its telecommunication division.
  • We acted on behalf of MTN in various matters, including a tariff dispute between MTN and Transtel (a division of Transnet).
  • We have assisted Transtel on the regulatory aspects of telecommunications law and are currently assisting telecommunication entities in the interpretation of the terms of the regulations.
  • We are representing Neotel in all corporate and commercial litigation matters, as well as assisting its network department in a consulting capacity.
  • Pule Inc is currently acting in the capacity of external legal consultant to Neotel in terms of which we provide the necessary expertise to its legal department in the institution and/or defending and/or settle any commercial litigation; advice and/or negotiations and/or finalization of commercial and/or corporate agreements and provide legal support to the networks/facilities department on various projects.
  • Some of our senior commercial attorneys are retained by Transnet Freight Rail (a division of Transnet SOC Limited) as external legal consultants to provide legal support to the senior legal advisor, tasked with the support of the telecommunications interests of Transnet Limited on various projects.